Kidney Infection
- Veronica M

I was feeling quite ill in early May with severe back pain, and suspected I might have a kidney infection. I visited my Primary Care Physician who decided to run some tests, and because I had a high white blood cell count she prescribed an antibiotic. Because I typically have negative side effects when taking antibiotics, I decided not to take them and instead went to Ana's holistic clinic for treatment.

She did a BodyTalk energy balancing session, some acupuncture, and prescribed an herbal tincture. Within two days I felt much better. A week later, my doctor called and said the tests came back and I had MRSA which I know is considered a superbug and very resistant to antibiotics. The doctor further told me I had to come back for another ant-biotic because the antibiotic she prescribed was resistant to MRSA. I told my doctor I had a holistic balancing treatment, was taking a tincture and felt fine. Later tests confirmed the MRSA kidney infection had cleared.

Thank you Ana!

Growing Pains
- Joseph H, age 10

I knew Ana's BodyTalk sessions helped me sleep and stopped my nightmares and also helped me to not be so stressed about school. But I didn't know that BodyTalk distance sessions could work! My growing pains completely stopped the same day Ana sent me a session.

- Lolo E

I always leave feeling so grounded and calm and centered. Her voice is soothing and the session is incredible. Thank you!

Chronic Neck Pain & Migraines
- Ruth W

Amazing experience. I felt so rejuvenated after my BodyTalk, Moxa, and Cupping session. I came in for chronic neck pain and a migraine headache, which I regularly get since I was a child, and both are now gone. Ana was very patient and I learned a lot about how my body functions and things that were triggering my body pains. I will definitely be back.

Tennis Elbow
- Christina D

I thoroughly enjoy my sessions! Ana is extremely knowledgable and I have seen significant improvement with my ailments!

Knee Pain & Depression
- Jennifer B

Fantastic! Ana is very intuitive. I've tried BodyTalk before, but had my first session with Ana today and it was fantastic! I felt it right away and was really surprised by what came up in the session. It is worth the experience and I would encourage everyone to try BodyTalk at least once.

Spiritual Growth
- Andrew A

Absolutely amazing. Mind Blowing. I have been healing and Ana's session allow me to grow, accept, and let go of factors veg actively effecting my life. Highly recommend Ana to anyone looking to grow within oneself.