Our intuition is our greatest asset to function at more optimal levels, connect with others, succeed in life and achieve our goals. MindScape is the bridge between setting goals and achieving them. Learn how to take advantage of your mind’s capabilities, accessing its complete potential.

Growing up, we are taught to focus on using the logical aspect of our brains. Generally, our creative and intuitive aspects are stifled. This means that we have yet to fully untap our mind’s potential.

Throughout history, masters like Mozart, Einstein, Dali and Tesla have utilized their greatest asset – their minds – by accessing a state call the Alpha State, which is a powerful, almost meditative, state of mind that slows the brain waves down.

MindScape provides you with the secret to unleash your mind’s potential and create positive change.

Become more intuitive and creative.

Unleash your capabilities.

Tune into your subconscious mind.


MindScape is an effective method of easily and readily tuning into your innate capabilities: giving you the tools you need to structure your intuition. In this powerful and fun 2-day seminar, Ana, a Certified MindScape Instructor, teaches you how to easily access the Alpha state. This active and alert state is where your intuitive mind begins to work hand in hand with your structured mind. You are then guided to build a framework – a “WorkShop” – using visualization.


MindScape is a transformational platform to easily develop your intuition, tap into your creativity instantly, and allow you to create incredible experiences! It is easy to learn and gratifying to practice. You will shift paradigms, rewrite restrictive programming, and let go of limiting belief systems.

The fascinating course is both instructional and experiential, with Ana teaching the techniques and then leading the students through hands-on practice. A detailed manual is provided for you to reference.


Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Licensed Medical Providers, Practitioners, Artists/Writers/Musicians, Teachers, Marketing & Graphic Designers, Coaches, Athletes, Students, and Parents…
…and, yes, Ana does host classes for kids only (ages 6+).


Anyone can do MindScape – there are no pre-requisites, nor is any experience necessary.


MindScape is an easy to use technique, which is highly effective. It is the platform for cultivating your inherent capabilities that most people have never sought out. You are fully capable of sharpening these innate mental skills and creating incredible experiences in your life.

When you practice MindScape regularly, you can:

  • Enrich your Intuition & Ingenuity
  • Gain a deeper connection with yourself and others, improving relationships
  • Align with your greatest potential
  • Increase personal development
  • Succeed in heart-based Goals
  • Improve clarity, memory, & learning capabilities
  • Dissolve and Transcend limiting belief systems
  • Reach deeper levels of consciousness & mindfulness
  • Achieve greater relaxation and de-stressing
  • Realize greater business success
  • Improve your health
  • Boost Sports & Arts Performance
  • See the whole picture and create solutions
  • Trust your intuition and instinctively know that you’re getting the right answers


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A Note on Cancellations & Refunds:

Cancellations & Refunds:
. Your tuition can be gifted to a friend or family member to take your place at the class in which you enrolled.
. Cancellations received 15 days or more from the start of class minus $25 (for the processing fees if paid by credit/debit).
. Cancellations received 14 days or less from the start of class will be refunded minus $150 (the cost of the course manual that was pre-ordered) — Feel free to apply this amount to any future class!

In the event of a Course Cancellation:

Travel Insurance is highly recommended to protect you from any changes in travel or accommodations due to any unexpected (emergency & non-emergency) events.

In the event that a course needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, you will receive a full refund for the tuition or deposit amount you paid Ana Izquierdo LLC. I will do my very best to notify you of any changes 30 days or more before the class.